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Naturopathic and Functional Health

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We guide Practitioners and Health Coaches to transform their knowledge into real life skills.


Welcome to The Academy of Naturopathic and Functional Wellness, offering the premier online PATH Mentorship & Certification Program for professional development and continued growth in the field of functional care.

This Is Your Path to Excellence in Learning…

Our Exclusive Group

The PATH Mentorship

Life-Time Membership

The premier online collaborative for professional development and continued growth in the fields of Naturopathy and Functional Wellness

PATH Mentorship Certification pre-qualifies our students for AANWP and ANWPB Board Certification

FREE 5-Day Training: Preparing Yourself for Clients Who Heal

“If you are only seeking to resolve the symptom, instead of asking why the symptom is happening, then your stream of information is going to be diverted down the allopathic “fix it” path as opposed to the functional “why is it there” path…

The question becomes, which path will you follow to success when teaching others about the healing process?