We guide Practitioners and Health Coaches to transform their knowledge into real life skills.

Welcome to The Academy of Naturopathic and Functional Wellness, offering the premier online PATH Mentorship & Certification Program for professional development and continued growth in the field of functional care.

Our Mentorship prepares, trains and certifies Practitioners and Health Coaches in the skills they need to succeed using an interactive, group-based approach to learning.

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More courses.

More information.

More information storage?

Information should be used, not just stored.

What if you could experience a program that actively moved all that information from theory to a real-life practice you have created?

You can. Today.

Don’t keep storing information…Learn how to use it!


“Knowledge in isolation is useless. The goal of learning is to form new insights, not to accumulate facts.”

Our PATH Mentorship is not “another course” or self-paced program. Our group classroom interactively prepares and trains coaches and practitioners in the most important functional wellness skills they need in order to move beyond “just having information” to the place where they are able to implement what they learn through critical thinking.

This is an exclusive group of practitioners who know that learning never stops. Instead of more courses, their focus is on transforming their knowledge into action steps. Just like the healing process, learning is never linear

Why are we different than any other education you have had?

“Mastery comes when we move the data from the realm of theoretical knowledge to the world of experience.”

What we have discovered is that the deepest learning and retainage comes from having the “experience” and this is what sets us apart from any other educational resource.

In the Mentorship, we offer a personalized solution to help you CREATE the experience in our Live Classrooms and explore all the language and actions around the experience so that it becomes a reality.

“My mind is blown🎓…this Mentorship is the Finishing School of Functional Medicine!” 

Karen Ellis, Karen Ellis Nutrition

What would it look like if you could:

✔️ Work with minimal lab testing and supplements? 

✔️ Work with ANY client and get life-changing results?

✔️ Be able to truly interpret patterns on blood tests and functional testing?

✔️ Have the confidence to understand health patterns and help your clients to learn to understand their own health?

✔️ Implement and use the information from all your schooling?

✔️ Create a change in your perspective that will advance your entire approach and build the confidence to make these results happen?

I talk with many practitioners and health coaches and they share their concerns with me. What they tell me is…


  • They feel disappointed and doubt themselves when clients don’t get immediate results 


  • They don’t fully understand how the body works and feel they can only work with simple cases


  • They feel that they will never know enough to truly help people


  • They are afraid to really put themselves out there for fear of not knowing what to do (Secretly, they fear getting clients because if those clients don’t get results, it will be their fault)


  • They don’t know where to start and then end up talking “AT” the client instead of investigating and communicating “WITH” the client


  • They have not made the transition from “hobby” to real business because of their fears


  • They feel out of control and that they are “guessing and hoping” they make the right choices with their clients


  • They feel “sick to their stomachs” when a client has an adverse reaction to a supplement


  • They are not comfortable with using or recommending supplements


  • They often lack confidence and give away time or offer discounts


  • They spend too many HOURS on the cases they have…it prevents them from taking more work AND doesn’t pay their bills


  • They don’t know how to scale their business


  • They spend many hours finishing client notes and research and sometimes work the whole weekend to complete all their work


  • They are not comfortable with what to discuss at each client session


  • They don’t know how much to charge or can’t find clients that value their service


  • They are under a lot of pressure to find quick symptom relief for their clients and to “heal” them through natural “treatments”


Do any of these feel familiar to you? If any of these concerns are yours, then I have more to share…

The challenge with most online courses or programs is that they only teach the protocol or method, (the “how to get there”), and not much of the “why” or variables that help you create your own strategies. That leaves a huge gap between what you have been taught and being able to build on that using your own thinking to develop positive steps for your clients.

This is our focus: to teach you the method of how to discover the “why”, or the “variables”, of that unique person. To change your perspective, to help you get solid on the principles of how the body actually heals. If you know the variables, your perspective changes, suddenly the fear is gone, you feel confidence, because you can trust the answers YOU developed for that client, not someone else.

Your clients learn to heal.

Your practice explodes.

When you are only thinking from the process, you are prevented from considering those variables and only working from someone else’s strategy.

Two very important facts:
    • Real learning includes how to find the “why”, not just memorization of a million facts.
    • Learning how to think through and see the variables of your client, (our Step Back Formula teaches you this!) instead of blindly following a protocol, produces more and more consistent results and lays a strong foundation for the benefit of each client.
These teaching methods are the foundation of the entire
PATH Mentorship Program.


Is The PATH Mentorship Right For You?

The PATH Mentorship is the only program you need to grow your functional wellness practice by offering a step-by-step method that teaches clients how to learn to heal their bodies.
You’ll get there by practicing a little each week.
You learn the method and you learn the “why” behind the method.
Many practitioners have learned these skills and have grown and scaled their businesses to meet the busy demands of life as well as provide for their families.
And you can, too. 


The PATH Mentorship is Right For You If…


  • You want to create a unique step-by-step method that lays the foundation to working with every single client yet still focuses on their bio-individuality
  • You want to have a profitable and sustainable business that gets consistent client results every time
  • You want to learn the client “hiring” process and get clients who are ready to work for their health
  • You want to stop feeling like you are the only one responsible for your client’s health results
  • You want to know exactly how to teach your clients to discover their OWN health needs
  • You’re ready to learn and practice the boundaries you need to have in place to be a great teacher 
  • You want to know what questions you should be asking your clients that will help guide you to help them
  • You want to streamline your supplements and learn to work without a protocol
  • You want to stop feeling the fear of who you can help (you can learn to help ANY client within 30 days)
  • You’re fed up with trying to pull it all together by yourself and you want to belong to a space where every question can get an answer – yes seriously, every question matters!

“If you are only seeking to resolve the symptom, instead of asking why the symptom is happening, then your stream of information is going to be diverted down the “fix it” path as opposed to the “why is it there” path…

The question becomes, which path will you follow?

Program Details

What kind of coach do you want to be? You have a choice.

The PATH Mentorship is a very hands-on program.

Caveat: You must show up and do the work.

How do we know this course is life-changing?

The Roadmap to Learning 

    • The main reason learning is not always successful is that there is no strategy, or roadmap, for what you need to learn and in what order. You don’t get to actually practice it. You don’t get to see what you are trying to achieve.
    • You go out and research all the supplements…you research health conditions…you still find yourself going in circles and feeling like you don’t yet know enough.
    • You are given a bunch of information but are never really instructed on how to use it.
    • You don’t get to see the full picture of what you are trying to achieve.
    • You have learned about the tools but not how to use them. Should you memorize it all? How is it implemented with clients?
  • In The PATH Mentorship (Using the PATH Method), we have recognized that this is what depletes confidence in students and we use a strategic method of teaching to challenge that – the “flipped” classroom. This allows you to go through the information in small “bites” and then join us in class to discuss what you have just learned. We give you a complete Roadmap of where to start, how to move forward and where your focus should be at any given time. It is a place to set and achieve goals along the way. As soon as you join you’ll receive immediate access to all Modules and Resources and your Classroom.


Coach-Specific training vs Topic-Specific training?

What is this?
Let me show you!

  • What is one area in functional wellness where you would still want to build more confidence? Is it speaking to new clients or helping a client through a program? Think about it and write it down.
  • Other courses teach the things they want you to learn, which is topic-specific training. Reading a module or viewing a video will usually not cover all your needs or questions and many times, leaves you feeling vulnerable.
  • We focus our teaching in the classroom and on being COACH-specific. You, better than anyone else, can identify your areas of need. When you tell us what you as an individual coach or practitioner need, we make it happen. We give you the space to learn how to practice and we practice with you. This is an incredible opportunity of learning how to learn.

We focus on the specific needs of the individual coach instead of just delivering information.

The 4 Step PATH Method

You’ll never be left wondering what to focus on next because the PATH Method inside the program takes into consideration every single step you will take with your client and WHY.

Prepare to create the relationship

  • Prepare, learn and practice your boundaries
  • Stop being a “people parrot”
  • Busting up myths about what you know and what you don’t!
  • Learning to recognize the right client by asking the right questions
  • Develop your script for “hiring” clients
  • Practice delivering a powerful Qualification Consultation and hire your new program client
  • Choose to become great at managing time in practice


Assess and address the client needs

  • Learn to manage client details with the Step Back Method
  • Learn what symptoms actually mean and how to sort them out
  • What data should you collect and what forms to use
  • Brain Dumping – Get It Out and Done
  • Learn how to review intakes and the timeline to prep for your client
  • Engage with your client’s story without replacing it with YOUR story
  • Learn how Foundational Health factors into long-term healing
  • Are you clear on your role as educator with the client?


Teach the client and learn from the client

  • Learn how, and choose to, fail like a “scientist”
  • Practice setting up and conducting Session 1 successfully
  • Learn how to teach the client
  • Learn how to learn in a Feyn way
  • Choosing the Foundational Steps to guide your client
  • Wait! No Protocols??
  • Yes, you CAN work with any client or condition!
  • Creating conditions for change
  • Sharpen your investigation skills 

Healing the body from a new perspective

  • Creating conditions for change
  • Understanding the function within the body
  • All disease begins at the cellular level
  • The priority of cellular function
  • What does Session 2 need from you and the client?
  • Learning the secret to how the body heals
  • Creating the perfect environment for healing
  • Learn to shift from “treating” illness to supporting wellness


The Modules

This Program is designed to help you bridge the gap between all you have learned and transforming this knowledge into real skills. 

Transformation is truly the missing piece for all practitioners and coaches in this health space and this training is shared exclusively within The Academy of Naturopathic and Functional Wellness.

We tend to do things a little different around here...and for good reason! This journey is about learning to investigate EVERYTHING and transforming all the information you have learned into understanding your client, your case and your next steps. What does that look like? It is taking the information you have already stockpiled and developing a method of practice that is unique to you in order to acquire a level of confidence you may not have had before.


How can we help you use the information you already have to fulfill a transformation to your greatest potential?

We use the POWER of Transformational Learning and a Live Classroom setting to truly help you immerse in the concepts of healing and giving you a new perspective on learning that spans your past and future education!

Take a Look Into the Modules!

Click on any Module below to explore the Lessons!

Live Classroom and Coach Calls

Our Live Classroom & Coach Calls is our weekly Classroom that is included in your program for life. We want you to have the most time possible to learn every aspect of practice and to get all of your questions and challenges addressed. 

The PATH Mentorship Platform is your personal page and contains access to all features of your program, including all modules, all files, Zoom links to call, replay videos, all Science courses and your complete database of topics, weekly call subjects and transcripts.

How will the “Live Classroom” change how you learn?

Live Classrooms are collaborative, small group learning calls and feature our “In Practice” events. They’re not at all theoretical—it’s hands-on and all about trying new things, applying ideas to tactical execution, and processing what you’re doing with peers who can help you move ahead faster. 

We will enact common challenging scenarios that we all find in practice to learn more about using our perspective and creating a calm and boundary-enforcing response to each.

Bring your challenges.  Bring your questions.  Bring your successes. We can all get where we’re going when we work together.

“In Practice” is our enactment feature of the Live Classroom event.

We will enact common scenarios from both sides, the client and the practitioner. While it is not mandatory to participate during the Live Classroom, everyone who chooses to do so should know they are in a safe and supportive area. This is practice and while it can be scary to try something new, it can also be very liberating to the learning process.

Do you have your own “In Practice” scenario you want to talk out? Bring it with you to the Live Classroom and we will include it in that class! 

Live Classroom Schedule – We are currently offering 24 Hours of Live Classroom events per month so that you can choose which ones you attend.


Learn More Inside the PATH Mentorship Platform

This platform was built for your best learning! Within the PATH Mentorship platform is a unique and safe place to post questions, see your news feed, check Live Classroom schedules, leave comments and be a part of a community of learning. Learning is located all in one place that is secure and private and supportive.

Being a part of The Academy of Naturopathic and Functional Wellness PATH Mentorship has expanded my practice, knowledge, and given me access to so much new information that has been so helpful for my work with clients. I love collaborating and sharing information with other practitioners, and it has given me more confidence and fed my passion for Functional Medicine. So grateful to be a part of this collective!  Silvia Graber, Sageheart Nutrition

“You have no idea how happy I am that I have crossed your path! I feel so supported and it is such a relief knowing that I have a mentor for life 🙂 and not just any mentor! Someone I actually trust their judgment, advice and experience…that is priceless!” ~ Dr. Maryam M., MD

You will Learn and Practice:

How to see patterns in blood work and other tests that can help reveal the root cause

How to structure sessions with clients to truly educate them

How to set expectations with clients that they really want!

How to develop boundaries that are good for you AND help the client succeed

Understanding when to use supplements (and when NOT to!)

Dissecting a case and knowing WHAT to research

How to screen potential clients so you are both a good fit (absolutely critical!)

How to ask the extra questions to help a client improve their health

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How long does it take to complete the PATH mentorship?

We never stop learning so The PATH Mentorship will grow with you for as long as you need. The actual Modules will take 2 to 4 months to complete.  You continue to have lifetime access to all Modules and to join Live Classroom calls which allows you to learn at your own pace and be fully supported while doing so. 

When does the PATH mentorship open?

The Mentorship is open all year to better serve this growing group of practitioners.

How long do i have access to my resources?

Current members have lifetime access to the PATH Mentorship and all updates made. 

when do the modules open up?

Modules are open upon purchase. 

How long are the lessons?

Lessons are the videos you will watch in each Module and are about a total of 90 minutes. From there, you are asked to review and answer questions and complete exercises to help build your skills for the Live Classroom you choose to attend.

When are the live classroom calls?

Each week, you will have access to two Live Classroom calls. All calls are recorded and you can proceed at your own pace as the Live Classroom calls are available to join at any place in the Mentorship. Calls are scheduled for Wednesdays and Fridays.

are there replays of the live classroom calls?

Yes and all replays of the Live Classroom calls will be stored within the work area along with a transcript.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Upon purchase and enrollment, you will receive and have access to thousands of dollars in digital documents that are available for download. Due to these circumstances, we are not able to offer refunds on the Mentorship. If you have questions before joining, visit our Product Terms of Use

If you have additional questions, please contact us at training@fxwellnessco.com

Your Instructor

Jennifer Savage, ND is a traditional Naturopathic Doctor and has worked the last several years as a Functional Wellness Consultant teaching doctors, holistic practitioners and health coaches the concepts, methods and principles of Functional Wellness application within their practice.

Since working directly with individual practitioners to teach these concepts, Jennifer is now bringing these absolutely vital concepts to a group setting. “If your goal is to work in the field of educating people to become empowered about their health and learn the unique needs of their body, but you feel that “something” is missing in how to accomplish that, then I would love for you to join us.

We are teaching concepts of healing and perspectives that I have not seen explained in any other school or educational venue, information that is critical to working with clients. I want every practitioner and coach to learn to feel strong and confident in their role in helping others…they have chosen this beautiful path in life and it’s not always easy to do this work…they deserve to be supported in this journey!”

Jennifer continues to expand on her many years of experience in functional wellness and maintains certification in several areas including:

  • Trinity School of Natural Health
  • The School of Applied Functional Medicine 
  • Metabolic Healing Practitioner (Level 3) – Metabolic Healing Institute
  • Clinical Nutritional Therapist – Portland College
  • Advanced Biology and Pathophysiology – Portland College
  • Advanced Anatomy & Physiology – Portland College
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
  • Nutritional Biochemistry – Dr. Bryan Walsh, Metabolic Fitness
  • Glucose Regulation Physiology – Dr. Bryan Walsh, Metabolic Fitness

Along with her own practice, Jennifer consults on multi-layered chronic illness cases for health building companies in the FM industry.

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Ask the right questions to position your client for success

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Learn in a space that allows you to experience the steps 

— Includes —

Certification and Board Certification Available in Naturopathic or Functional Wellness

Live Classroom Learning

Video Lessons and Replay Resources with Transcripts

A Completely Searchable Database of every Transcript from every Class and Module

Courses Within the PATH Mentorship

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Complete Blood Chemistry Patterns Module and Practitioner Guide

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